Controversies in Game Theory VII: Nature and Algorithms

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Project Details

From June 7-11, 2021, ETH Computational Social Science and UZH Sociology hold a workshop that aims to bring together various strands of game theory research spanning social sciences and computer science, with focus on evolutionary game theory, algorithmic game theory, learning in games, and dynamics more generally.

The sessions are daily during the week from 9:15 until 11:45. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the entire course will take place online via Zoom. Log-in details will be shared directly with registered participants via ETH eDoz closer to date.

The program features leaders in the field including Urs Fischbacher, Dirk Helbing and Manfred Milinski. The preliminary program is as follows:


Day 1: General introduction to the course

  • Talk 1: Heinrich Nax (see ); a general introduction to the course, providing some basic elements of game theory that will appear repeatedly during the course including definitions of public goods games, coordination games, etc.
  • Talk 2: Dirk Helbing (see ); dynamics, complex systems, and applications including coordination games, pedestrians and crowds, traffic and logistics.


Day 2: Dynamics of social interactions


Day 3: Evolutionary game theory


Day 4: Learning in Games

  • Talk 1: Heinrich Nax; dynamic best response, learning, stochastic evolutionary game theory
  • Talk 2: Alexandros Rigos (see ); imitation, experiments


Day 5: Algorithmic game theory

  • Talk 1: Bary Pradelski (see ); algorithmic game theory, matching theory
  • Talk 2: Heinrich Nax; behavioral mechanism design, complexity of Nash equilibrium


For general course information, see

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