2019 Game Theory @ Ca'Foscari

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Game Theory

Course: Game Theory

Webpage: <http://mizar.unive.it/licalzi/gamephd.html>

Professors: Marco LiCalzi and Heinrich Nax

Lectures: See schedule below

Purpose of course. This course covers contents from a standard first-year graduate-level course in noncooperative game theory, repackaged with a problem-oriented perspective for an audience of doctoral students in management.

Prerequisites. You are expected to be familiar with basic material in analysis and probability at the level of Chapter 19 in Tadelis (2013), Game Theory: An Introduction, Princeton University Press.

Updates. For updates or more information, trust only the class webpage given above.

Enrolled students are given read-only access to a Dropbox folder with all accompanying material.

Teaching method. There will be fifteen meetings, mixing up lectures and practice sessions. Part I (nine classes) is taught by Marco LiCalzi (course coordinator); Part II (six classes) is taught by Heinrich Nax.

Reading material. The textbook for Part I is Schechter and Gintis (2016). Teaching

notes (slides) will be distributed for Part II with a dedicated reading for each lecture.

 S. Schechter and H. Gintis (2016), Game Theory in Action: An Introduction to Classical and Evolutionary Models, Princeton University Press.

 L. Garicano and L. Rayo (2016), \Why organizations fail: Models and cases", Journal of Economic Literature 54, 137-192.


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