Software for Experiments

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The following list contains Software that can be used to run experiments online:



An open-source platform for behavioral research. 

oTree lets you create controlled behavioral experiments in economics, market research, psychology, and related fields, mulltiplayer strategy games, like the prisoner's dilemmapublic goods game, and auctions and surveys and quizzes, especially those that require customized or dynamic functionality not available with conventional survey software.

z-Tree - Zurich Toolbox for Readymade Economic Experiments

z-Tree is a widely used software package for developing and carrying out economic experiments. The language used to define the experiments is simple and compact, meaning that experiments can be developed quickly, and programming experience is not necessary, though useful.


Online Real-Time Synchronous Experiments. Fast, scalable JavaScript for large-scale, online, multiplayer, real-time games and experiments in the browser.

formr survey framework

Chain simple surveys into long runs, use the power of R to generate pretty feedback and complex designs


SurveyXact is Scandinavias leading tool for creating questionnaire-based surveys. Easy, secure, flexible and guaranteed to discover new knowledge in a way that creates results.


Choiceflow is a platform that empowers behavioral researchers and marketers to design, run, and analyze interactive experiments to extract better research insights.

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